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7 Myths About Health Circulating In Society

Some health myths that are often taken seriously by the public
myth or fake?

ABOUT-INFO.COM - On this occasion, I will share a little about "7 Myths About Health Circulating Widely in Society".

Okay, just look at the explanation below:

    1.Do not bathe during menstruation/menstruation

Not a few people, even many people think that when women experience menstruation or menstruation. He said he could not take a shower before the menstrual period or his period was over during the process. Some think that if you shower during menstruation or menstruation, the dirty blood will not come out again. And some think that when she is menstruating, she takes a shower so that her menstrual pain will be much more painful the next day. And what is even funnier is that if you shower, you can fall in the bathroom because of dizziness or headaches. So actually it has nothing to do with it, for dizziness or headache, maybe some women will experience this and may experience pain too. So things like this can really be fixed by eating foods that contain nutrients and doing exercise every day. When you do regular exercise, your menstrual pain threshold will increase so that you don't easily experience pain during menstruation. Then by consuming nutritious foods, you will also be able to improve blood circulation and provide nutrition to the body to not easy for you to eat. headache or feeling dizzy during menstruation.

    2. Smallpox should not be exposed to water

When children get smallpox, they should not be washed or not exposed to water. So once again this is a myth related to bathing. When a child gets smallpox, the parents might be afraid that if the child takes a bath it can worsen the pox. The point is many myths say that children who have chickenpox should not be washed. So this is the wrong thing. Instead, I suggest that parents should take a shower if their child has smallpox; the child's skin must be clean. If you don't take a shower, even if it's a few days or even a few weeks the child's skin will be dirty and contain lots of bacteria. Later what is there will not get better soon, it will get worse. In fact, what we are worried about here is that if we don't wash it, it will get a secondary infection from bacteria. If the skin has been exposed to secondary infection from bacteria, it will worsen the child's disease.

    3. Small breast size has a lower risk of developing breast cancer

Some think that if small breasts will have a lower risk of developing cancer, so many people have said that people with small breasts have a low risk of developing breast cancer. Actually, there is absolutely no relationship between breast size and cancer. Because the factors that cause breast cancer are not seen from the size of the breast itself. But the factors that cause breast cancer can be 2 things, namely, age and gender factors. So women are a greater risk factor than men. So when someone who has had cancer before, will get breast cancer younger. Then on radiation exposure, obesity, and hormone therapy. However, the cause of cancer can also be influenced by other factors such as stress and diet.

 4. Climbing the ladder causes high blood pressure

Climbing stairs can cause high blood pressure (hypertension). Many people think that climbing stairs is one of the factors causing high blood pressure, and I would say that is just a myth. Why? Because every time we do our daily activities, of course, our blood pressure will be high, still that doesn't mean it will be permanent. A person with high blood pressure is certain to have high blood pressure. Even though you are resting, there is very little chance of it going down. This can be minimized if you do regular sports activities such as running, brisk walking, cycling of course your blood pressure will be higher but if you stop doing these activities and decide to take a break, of course, it will return to normal. So the point is those climbing stairs is not the cause of high blood pressure. The cause of high blood pressure may be from your irregular diet, and your stress level causes high blood pressure.

    5. Stress can cause hair to turn white overnight

Stress can cause your hair to turn white/gray overnight. This I also say a myth. In general, stress can indeed affect our bodies, our skin, for example, becomes wrinkled quickly, our hair will fall out easily, it will turn white easily, but this will not happen in just one night. But this incident will really require a process, a long time, and that too if you experience constant stress. But if you only experience stress once or twice that's fine.  

  6. Lung cleansing soda

Drinking soda can cleanse the lungs of smokers. This I also say a myth. Why? Because milk mixed with soda will not be able to clean the lungs for those of you who are smokers. How do you get clean lungs? The first you have to stop smoking, then the second you have to eat lots of foods such as fruits and vegetables because both contain antioxidants. Smoke is one of the free radicals in your body.

    7. Diabetes wet and dry

There are 2 types of diabetes, namely wet diabetes and dry diabetes. So there are a lot of people among people that diabetes has two types, namely wet and dry. I think diabetes is not seen from wetness or dryness. Lots of people think that if the wound is difficult to heal and usually until it appears like an ulcer or muddies it is usually called wet diabetes. Then there is more if the wound heals well and is dry it is called dry diabetes. Actually not that, diabetes only has type 1 and type 2, there is also gestational diabetes in pregnant women. So type 1 diabetes depends on the hormone insulin. Then where does type 2 diabetes come from? The cause is a lifestyle or lifestyle (Lifestyle).

Those are some of the myths about health that we summarize at this time, Hopefully, this is useful.

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