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Digital Change !! Now Traveling Doesn't Have To Be Complicated !

Digital Change !! Now Traveling Doesn't Have To Be Complicated !
Travel made easier

Traveling - is something that is in great demand by everyone. And now I will recommend tourist attractions that you must visit, especially those of you who like traveling. Etsy but don't forget to always use a mask if you want to travel anywhere. In this pandemic era, wearing a mask is important and even obligatory to always maintain health.

In the past, before we got to know Gadget, all of our activities were limited, but nowadays everything is very sophisticated and not complicated. We can be connected to the internet wherever we are, as well as traveling? Now, if we want to travel, just open the Gadget, choose which tour we want to visit then boking, done !! It's so easy isn't it, with social change, almost 95% of all our activities can be done using only gadgets.

Imagine if we flashback for a moment

"In the past, if we wanted to travel to a hotel, for example, you had to bother going to the hotel for booking, buying a ticket and then checking in, with long queues, it was really hot."

But with the development of technology, everything can be done casually, even if you want to stay at the hotel, you can just sit back at home.

All changes that occur both social, economic, and cultural changes are a process of changing values ​​in society. But the social change by our discussion this time is digital, or in the world of traveling it is called a functionalist theory.

Now everything is made easy for us with the presence of the internet. Technology has developed very rapidly since the 20th century, the Internet has greatly helped facilitate all human activities. The survey proves that internet users in 2020 have reached 196.7 million people. This is a very fantastic figure. It cannot be denied that the internet has become a support for digital media which has had a lot of positive influence, especially on the world of tourism.

Now, we can get various information through the internet. We can find out various kinds of information through Google, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms that we can easily access by using Gadzet or the internet.

So if you want to travel without the hassle, now you can stock only using Gadget, you can freely choose pictures and testimonials related to your goals. Well, the point is you can easily prepare your vacation plans without having to be complicated.

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