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Dinosaurs breeding in Mojosemi Forest Now So Trending Topic

Indonesian mojosemi nature tourism
Mojosemi Indonesia's natural tourism that you must visit

Mojosemi Forest - Let's get to know the natural attractions in Indonesia, one of the natural attractions that will spoil your eyes is the natural landscape of Mojosemi Forest. Mojosemi Forest is nature tourism and playground which has now been inaugurated as a breeding ground for the dinosaurs. Mojosemi Forest is located at Jl .raya Sarangan, Cemorosewu KM. 5 Kali Jumok Sarangan. Plaosan sub-district, Magetan regency, East Java, Indonesia.

Previously, not many people knew about Mojosemi Forest, because before the complete facilities, Mojosemi was only limited to a camping ground. But as time goes by, Mojosemi Forest continues to make innovations so that it makes official parks, jeep adventures, places to eat, etc. This vehicle invites visitors to go around enjoying the view of Mojosemi forest, strawberry garden, evidence, and visitors will be free to take pictures to capture the moments that will spoil your eyes.

This activity uses the media of jeep transportation, adventure, ball palace, paintball, horse riding, show service, flying fox, and many more. Not only that, but the manager also provides lodging or tents for those of you who want to spend the night at this place. The inn is quite luxurious because it is equipped with a bathroom equipped with warm water, a TV, and other supporting facilities.

Some time ago, it was viral on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, which was busy with uploads of Tricerapotus videos that were unloaded from a truck. Some people acted like handlers and there were even members of the TNI who helped calm the ancient animal that was seen going berserk.

From the viral video, which has been uploaded by Mojosemi Forest's official social media account, which is labeled "Dinosaur Capturing. What a new experience !! It turns out that it is quite difficult to tame it". Write Mojosemi Forest in his Instagram account @mojosemiforestpark which was seen in December last year.

This vehicle is really cool and able to attract visitors so that visitors who come for a vacation at this tourist spot are getting bigger. Why not? In this vehicle, we can come face to face with this giant ancient animal that has become extinct, this dinosaur. It's similar to the adventures in Jurassik Park, huh, hehehe. You know, all the dinosaurs here are equipped with sophisticated tools so they can move and make sounds like real dinosaurs so that they will be able to support the authenticity of their ancient times.

The types of dinosaurs that exist in Mojosemi Forest include Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Brachiosaurus which have a height of approximately 7 meters. Waaaah cool isn't it .. !!! So how ?? If you are confused about where to go on vacation, do you want to have a vacation with your beloved family? Or maybe with friends or co-workers? Immediately, a vacation to this Mojosemi Forest place is guaranteed to be exciting...

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