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Get to know the nature tourism in Indonesia

Get to know the nature tourism in Indonesia
Indonesian nature tourism

INDONESIA - Did you know, Indonesia is famous for its natural beauty. It is not surprising that many tourists are increasing both from outside and within the country. Indonesia is well known abroad as a country of natural beauty. This archipelago country with an area of ​​1.91 million m2 is indeed a very enchanting natural atmosphere. So it is not surprising that many foreign tourists visit Indonesia to see firsthand its natural beauty.

Let's look at several types of tourism in Indonesia:

  • Toba Lake
Lake Toba nature tourism
Lake Toba nature tourism

Lake Toba is one of the tourist attractions with a million natural beauty in it. Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra. Do you know? That the Toba Fund is the largest lake in Indonesia. And the most unique thing about Lake Toba is that there is the land in the middle of this lake. The land is quite wide, namely the island of Samosir. On this island, you can explore the culture and history of the local community. The atmosphere around Lake Toba is cool so it is perfect for relaxing while enjoying its natural beauty.

  • Pulau Weh
Indonesia's weh island nature tour
Indonesia's weh island nature tour

Pulau Weh is an island located in the westernmost part of Indonesia. On this island, there is a Zero Kilometer monument which means it is the beginning of a symbol of travel in Indonesian territory. Although this island is not too big, this island has a natural beauty that is unique to the archipelago which is very extraordinary. One of the beauty spots on this island of Weh is Lboih Beach. This beach is known for its very beautiful panorama. The seawater that stretches looks clear blue, and the sand around the coast looks white and soft.

  • Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo nature tourism, Indonesia
Mount Bromo Indonesia

Mount Bromo is a mountain that is very popular and famous among tourists. Mount Bromo is a natural tourist attraction with amazing natural beauty. Even though Mount Bromo has the status of an active volcano, this natural area is never empty of visitors. There are several interesting spots around Mount Bromo that are the favorites of visitors, such as Penanjakan Peak which is the location to watch the panoramic sunrise. Penanjakan Peak is also equipped with facilities such as prayer rooms, toilets, and food stalls.

  • Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat nature tourism Indonesia
Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Raja Ampat is one of the most amazing natural tourist attractions. If you choose a vacation to this place, you will be sure you will not be disappointed. Even though it is very far from eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat has always been a prima donna for tourists. The facilities available on this tour are also very
complete and comfortable. The most interesting spots in Raja Ampat are Pianemo and Pianemu, which are karst areas. An island with coral that looks very beautiful that stretches out in the sea so it is nicknamed the "little paradise" in the land of Papua. There are also those who call it the Star Lagoon, which is shaped like a star and has turquoise water. This lagoon is formed naturally and can be enjoyed in its entirety from the top of the hill.

  • Komodo island
Indonesian Komodo Island Nature Tourism
Komodo Island, Indonesia

Komodo Island is no less beautiful, this island is an island that has become global in the East Nusa Tenggara region. What is unique about this island is that there are no less than 2000 Komodo dragons in it, so this island is nicknamed the Komodo Island. The beauty of this Komodo island is not only in the reptiles but also in the natural beauty with blue seawater and white and soft sand. So that many tourists choose to vacation in this tourist spot.

  • Wakatobi
Wakatobi nature tourism Indonesia
Wakatobi, Indonesia

Wakatobi is located in Southeast Sulawesi. Wakatobi is a tourist spot with a water area which is a natural tourist destination that offers the natural beauty of Indonesia which is very, very amazing. Wakatobi is often dubbed an underwater paradise. This nature tour is home to various types of marine flora and fauna including beautiful and exotic corals. So that not a few tourists also choose to vacation in this place.

Those are some types of natural tourism in Indonesia. There are still a lot of natural attractions in Indonesia, so it's no wonder that Indonesia is a country known for its natural beauty.

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