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How do carbohydrates impact your health?

Know the function of carbohydrates for the body
Carbohydrate food

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Beware, don't choose the wrong choice, this is a trick question. Even though the levels of fat, vitamins, and other nutrients are different, the carbohydrates are still the same. So what does your food intake mean? Okay, I will explain first the meaning of carbohydrates? Carbohydrates are a category of molecules and sugars that your body breaks down into sugars. Carbohydrates are a category of molecules and sugars that your body breaks down into sugars. Therefore carbohydrates are very important we keep somewhat healthy.

These include simple sugars, or can be called monosaccharides, including glucose, fructose, and galactose. The combination of two simple sugars will get disaccharides such as lactose, maltose, and sucrose. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates consist of three or more simple sugars. Complex carbohydrates with 3 - 10 linked sugars are oligosaccharides. Meanwhile, complex carbohydrates with more than 10 simple sugars are called polysaccharides.

During digestion, your body will break down these complex carbohydrates which will hold the monosaccharides which the body's cells can use for energy. So if you eat foods with high carbohydrates, your blood sugar level will go up by about a tablespoon. However, the digestive organs have a different response to carbohydrates. Examples such as starch and fiber, both are called polysaccharides which are produced from plants. But the two are bound differently, so they have different effects on the human body.

Starch stores energy reserves in the roots and seeds, where the starch glucose molecules will be linked by alpha bonds. So that it can be easily digested by digestive enzymes. The fiber still has beta bonds in its Monaco ride molecules, which the human body cannot digest.

Fiber can also bind starch so that the starch can not be digested by the body, this is called "resistant starch". So foods that are high in starch such as biscuits and bread will be easily digested and will quickly increase their glucose levels in the blood. Just like you drink high-glucose drinks such as soda, this drink has a high glycemic index.

The glucose levels in these foods will increase blood sugar levels. Soda and white bread for example have a similar glycemic index because they both have the same effect on blood sugar.

But if you consume foods that are high in fiber such as vegetables, whole grains, and fruit, beta bonds in fiber will inhibit the production of glucose into the blood. Fiber has a very low glycemic content, and foods such as eggs, meat, and cheese have the lowest glycemic content. When sugar moves from the digestive tract to the bloodstream, the body will react more quickly to spread sugar to the body's tissues, where it will be processed into energy.

The hormone that is synthesized into the pancreas is called insulin. That is the main substance in managing sugar levels, when eating, blood sugar levels will increase, insulin is secreted into the blood vessels which will force the conversion process of sugar to energy.

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