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Lacunar stroke syndrome

The dangers of lacunar stroke syndrome
Recognize the symptoms of lacunar stroke syndrome

- Lacunar stroke syndrome is a description of a clinical syndrome caused by lacunar infarction.

Each of the symptoms of this classic syndrome has relatively different symptoms. As I discussed earlier in "Lacunar stroke danger !!!". Those who discuss the same topic, however, whatever the type of disease that is important is that we must be able to prevent it, lest we experience it.

In contrast to cortical stroke, patients with lacunar stroke syndrome do not show cortical signs such as aphasia, agnosis, apraxia, or cortical sensory loss such as loss of two-point discrimination, joints, astereognosis, and sense of position. Let us discuss more lacunar stroke syndrome.

On this occasion, we will parse the article about lacunar stroke syndrome from several sources, which we summarize here. Still, on the topic of lacunar stroke syndrome, there are many types of stroke in medical science. And to avoid that, of course, we must know what types of stroke are and how to prevent them. As in most cases, stroke is now experienced by the elderly, and even more sadly, it often affects young people.

This is what we need to worry about because stroke is a very dangerous disease. Recognize the types of lung stroke syndrome below:

Ataxic Hemiparesis

This is a common stroke syndrome that usually occurs in infarction with the posterior limb of the internal capsule. This will reveal a combination of pyramidal and hemiparesis from the side of the body. This usually affects the legs and feet. This is very, very dangerous.

Pure Motor Stroke

This is still not much different from Attraction Hemiparesis, where the stroke of this lacunar syndrome is also common with a percentage of 33-50%. This also occurs due to infarction of the posterior extremity of the internal capsule, which results in a decreased corticospinal tract. This is characterized by a disturbance affecting the face, arms, and legs.

Pure Sensory Stroke

This syndrome is caused by infarction of the posterolateral ventral nakules, which is characterized by numbness of the face, arms, and legs.

Those are some types of brief explanations about lacunar stroke syndrome. There are many more types of this lacunar stroke syndrome, but what are some of the important types of lacuna stroke syndrome that you should know.

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