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Portland Timbers VS America Underway Heats Up

Portland Timbers VS America Underway Heats Up
Portland Timbers VS America

- Portland Timber has produced maximum results in the first league series of the league champions.

Portland Timbers VS America is now going wild on Wednesday. Get a penalty kick to equalize from Felipe Mora and get a 1-1 draw. Trailing 1-0 in Leg 2 at Estadio Azteca on Wednesday, the Timbers were finally given a penalty kick in the final match by referee Mario Escobar. So the Timbers managed to reclaim the goal in a surprising way.

Meanwhile, Roger Martinez put the American club with his own penalty kick in his first half. The American club managed to score a goal in the first half when Claudi Bravo fouled himself and received a strong rebuke from the referee. Martinez's fate sent timber's goalkeeper Jeff Attinella in the wrong direction so they managed to score a goal at the penalty spot.

Several times the timbers almost equalized in the second half but still did not produce maximum results.

Dairon Aprilla had his best shot in the 50th minute, with the formation bisecting the defender from the left side of the American club's box and trying to pass from an extremely unlikely angle. Maybe they mean they want to cross. With that effort, the ball almost penetrated the mace, but unfortunately, the spectacular shot hit the goal and came close to the goal.

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Soccer players Yimmi Chara and Larrys Mabiala also played very well for Portland's equalizer. However, Mabiala failed to score with a header he did from the corner of the opponent's goal. This match was fierce and managed to make the audience tense. Both of these opponents continue to try to play sportsmanship. These two opposing strategies make for a really good strategy to beat each other.

Even though in the end the score obtained was the same, the two opponents still always encouraged the players. This match came as a surprise to the coaches, that these two opponents were indeed good players so that it seemed difficult to find the net.

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