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Remdesivir can increase antiviral activity to fight the corona virus

Remdesivir can increase antiviral activity to fight the corona virus
Remdesivir antivirus covid-19

- The United States has approved an antiviral drug Remdesivir that can treat Covid-19 patients.

In a paper published recently in Cell Reports, researchers from the University of Texas at Austin, RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), and the Icahn school of medicine at Mount Sinai have shown that four drugs are readily used to treat hepatitis. C is able to inhibit 10 times better in cell culture caused by the coronavirus.

It shows good results that the mixture containing Remdesiver and hepatitis C has the potential to be used as antiviral copied-19 therapy. It can also provide immediate treatment for unvaccinated people who have been infected with the coronavirus. And the results shown are very good and it has been tested in humans and the results are faster than new drugs.

However, there is one drawback to this drug redeliver, that it must be given intravenously. By limiting its use to patients who have been hospitalized.

"Robert M. Krug said we aim to continue to develop oral drug combinations so that they can be given to outpatients before they feel more pain and require hospitalization". Professor Emeritus of Molecular Sciences at UT Austin who is a co-author of the paper said that the HVC drug that can increase the antiviral activity of Remdesivir is an oral drug. To develop a treatment effectively, Professor Krug needed this oral drug to inhibit SARS-COV-2.

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Krug begins his research process and collaborates to design his experiments, try to interpret the maximum results, and write papers. The research in this laboratory study was carried out by two groups, namely Gaetano Montelione, who is a professor of chemistry and chemical biology, and his colleagues Postdoctoral Khushboo Bafna and Balasubramanian Harish.

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