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This sophisticated Japanese-made robot is estimated to change the world

This sophisticated Japanese-made robot is estimated to change the world
The advanced robot made in Japan

about-info.com - It is known as a country that is capable of creating many advanced technologies, including robots.

With a super sophisticated IT system, it's no wonder that they create many robots of various types, there are even robots that look exactly like humans, great isn't it ..! Now, it is predicted that sophisticated robots will be able to break the changes in the world to become more modern. Of course, we will feel impressed when we see a sophisticated robot that can do anything, even what humans do now robots can imitate it.

Although Japan is known for its automotive technology such as cars or motorbikes, Japan is also able to innovate to create robots through increasingly sophisticated technology.

One of the super sophisticated Japanese-made robots is the PRAMUNIAGA robot. One of the largest companies, Family Mart Supermarkets asked for help from the Japanese robot company Telexistence to create a robot sales assistant. This sales assistant robot is named MODEL - T.

This robot is only controlled remotely by utilizing a virtual reality device called "Augmented Workforce Platform".

This sophisticated robot can be controlled with a distance of 8 KM, while the robot itself is in a supermarket. Controlled by someone from a distance of 8 KM, this robot looks like it is about to put a drink bottle into the refrigerator. This robot can serve its duties as a saleswoman like humans. Truly extraordinary ... !!

In 2022, it is reported that the MODEL-T robot will be available in 20 Family Mart Supermarkets. This robot will be placed in several Family Mart Supermarkets in stages with various improvements over time. You can imagine if all of the Family Mart Supermarkets with salespeople use all robots, of course, it will certainly become a trending topic of all time.

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