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Tips for Caring for the Vagina to Avoid Dangerous Infections

Tips for Caring for the Vagina to Avoid Dangerous Infections
Tips to prevent vaginal infections

Vagina -
Tips on how to care for a good and correct vagina are actually very easy. Of course, this is very important to do in order to avoid infection and discomfort in the female sex organs.

Generally, the vagina actually has its own way to clean it by removing the fluid in the vagina. This fluid is known as vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea is a normal thing to happen but as long as the amount is normal, meaning it is odorless, clear in color, and is not accompanied by vaginal itching or pain.

But even so, vaginal health must be maintained properly in order to prevent female health problems, such as vaginal infections, for example. But if you underestimate your health and don't keep your vagina clean, it will have a negative impact on female fertility.

Here are some good & correct vaginal care tips:

  • Maintaining Natural pH Balance in the Vagina

You must first know the normal level of acidity (pH) of the vagina, which is in the range of 3.8 - 4.5. And did you know that cleaning the vagina using gel, soap, or other antiseptic is not recommended, why? Because it can disrupt the pH balance. And not only that, using feminine antiseptic products either used outside or sprayed into the vagina (douching) is also highly discouraged. Why? Because it can interfere with the normal pH in the vagina.

  • Cleaning the vagina regularly

Clean the vagina regularly every time you urinate or defecate. This is highly recommended for your vaginal health. Cleaning the vagina properly, namely from the direction of the vagina to the anus. This is important to avoid the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vagina which can cause infection. Use a towel or tissue that is over time every time you clean the vagina.

  • Clean The Vagina When Menstruation Comes

When menstruation comes, clean the vagina more than twice a day. If the pads start to feel damp and wet, immediately replace them with new ones. In the vagina and anus
(Perineum) also needs to be cleaned during menstruation. Clean using warm water and soap.

  • Use the Right Underwear

Using underwear also needs to be considered, using underwear made of cotton allows good air circulation that can absorb sweat. Do not use underwear made of nylon, because the material is hot and only moisture will occur so that bacteria will easily breed. Wash underwear thoroughly and use it regularly.

  • Use Protection When Having Intimate Relationships

Using contraceptives or protection such as condoms when having sex is very important, this is to avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But keep in mind that using the wrong contraception can cause irritation of the vagina. To avoid this, use contraception along with lubricants.

  • Shaving Pubic Hair

Pubic hair or pubic hair serves to protect the vagina from bacteria, dirt, sweat, and friction. Therefore, shave only as needed. We recommend that you use a special cream or gel to shave pubic hair in order to avoid blisters.

Those are some tips for caring for a good and correct vagina, but keep in mind that changing partners during sex is also highly discouraged. For the sake of always maintaining the health of the vagina. Do good things, because good things will get good results too.

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