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Bella Hadid has been criticized by Israel for supporting Palestine

Bella Hadid has been criticized by Israel for supporting Palestine
The Israeli government is outraged by Bella Hadid's demonstration to defend Palestine

- Supermodel Bella Hadid was cheated by Israel for supporting Palestine in her demo.

Bella Hadid joined the streets of New York City in the pro-Palestine parade, however, in her action, it seems that the Israeli state has criticized the pro-Palestinian action by Bella Hadid. Israel condemns that Bella Hadid is its advocate, and that is tantamount to calling for the abolition of the Jewish state.

Bella Hadid, who is only 24 years old, is the only model artist who dares to go down the road to join the pro-Palestinian parade, she doesn't care about the Israeli criticism that could endanger her. But this action deserves a thumbs up, his courage to defend Palestine is extraordinary.

Bella Hadid and her father Mohamed Hadid are Palestinians, the demonstration was seen in a video that was widely distributed on social media. He was seen lining up with thousands of people when the demonstration took place, even though the conflict is still continuing between Israel and Hamas.

Bella Hadid and her sister Gigi have also shared via tweet to support Palestine. In her Instagram account, Bella Hadid also criticized Israelis by saying "You can't let yourself be insensitive to see human life being taken away, you can't just take it. Palestinian life is a life that will help to change the world".

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Israel's rocket attacks against Palestine have exceeded the limit, many Palestinian victims have fallen, both adults and small children. Many buildings have been destroyed due to the acts of Israel. It all made Bella Hadid's heart shattered because she saw many of our brothers who died.

Now he shows Bella Hadid's concern and love for Palestine by following a demonstration that was held yesterday in New York City. He does not care about Israel's criticism of him. All of this must end so that no more wars can occur between the two countries.

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