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Tristyn Bailey was stabbed to death 114 times

Tristyn Bailey was stabbed to death 114 times
Tristyn Bailey found dead with multiple stab wounds

- The news was shocked by the accusation of murder until it proceeded to trial to be processed legally.

Tristyn Bailey, a 13-year-old teenage girl who was reportedly killed was allegedly killed by an unknown person. A teenager who was initially charged with the murder of Tristyln Bailey is now on trial as a first-degree murder case. This case continues to be investigated by the authorities to completion, the cause of the murder is not yet known.

However, state attorney R.J. Lariza as the Seventh Judicial Circuit in Florida said that "That during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon in St. Johns County said that the decision to raise the charges against Aiden Fucci was very appropriate based on the circumstances surrounding the death of Tristyn Bailey.

Larizza also said that it was a very sad decision with dire circumstances. But it became clear to us after we saw everything that was going on, that it was not only appropriate to prosecute the accused as a suspect.

Tristyn Bailey allegedly died by stabbing 114 times, this incident is very sad. The 13-year-old girl must die from being killed by a teenager.

There were at least 49 stab marks on Tristyn Bailey's hands, arms, and head. And the results of the examination showed that there were still many stab scars on Tristyn Bailey's body. Of course, this really made Tristyn Bailey suffer in pain until she finally died. This is an act that is very inhumane, and the defendant must be punished as severely as possible.

Tristyn Bailey was found dead in the forest in horrendous conditions. And a knife was found near the lake as evidence. This knife was allegedly used by Facci to kill Tristyn Bailey, with the tip of the knife cut off.

Not only that, but the investigation team also found some evidence that Fucci's shoes were found in his bedroom and other evidence in the form of DNA from Fucci on Tristyn Bailey's body.

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Fucci was arrested by the police and continued to be questioned and questioned at the Sheriff's St. office. Johns County on his murder case. But Facci tells a shifting story. However, Facci eventually made several confessions that he said at that time he was walking along the North Durbin Parkway with Tristyn Bailey and then got into a fight with Bailey. And Facci pushed Bailey down to the ground until his head hit the ground.

But so far the police have continued to carry out significant inquiries because the information provided by Facci is still fluctuating. So that the officers have to do a number of ways so that Facci really wants to admit it and provide genuine information.

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