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The Second Nightmare of Tristyn Bailey's Parents, Is It A Sign?

The Second Nightmare of Tristyn Bailey's Parents, Is It A Sign?
Tristyn Bailey's death had a bad feeling for her parents

- The parents of Tristyn Bailey got a bad feeling for Bailey before finally Bailey disappeared and died.

The death of Tristyn Bailey, a 14-year-old girl who died at the hands of her own friend, shocked everyone. Who knows why his friend killed Bailey so sadistically.

But the death of Tristyn Bailey really gave rise to a hunch for her parents. Right on Mother's Day last Wednesday 2021, the parents of Tristyn Bailey had nightmares that made her parents feel worried. He said that this dream was the worst nightmare he had ever had.

It was as if the dream meant something would happen to her daughter, and what happened? That the dream is true. Tristyn Bailey's parents got the news that their daughter was missing, suddenly the news really shocked her. Then Bailey's parents went to the Durbin Amenity Center in St. Petersburg. Johns Country Florida to confirm whether the news is true or not.

Both Bailey's parents' hearts were shattered and helpless that the news was true, their daughter Tristyn Bailey was found dead in the forest in horrendous conditions. There were many stab marks on his body.

At 10 am that same day, the family officially reported to the St. Johns County Sheriff's Department that Tristyn Bailey was missing. The family of relatives assisted by the police immediately searched the recreation center area and nearby veterans park before Tristyn Bailey was found dead.

The search continued until 6pm, and the Sheriff's Department decided to stop the search. But finally, it was found that the suspected body was Tristyn Bailey at the end of a pond in the forest near St. Johns. And sure enough, that body is Bailey.

Tristyn Bailey was found dead with multiple stab wounds to her body, hands, and head. He suffered severe injuries to the head that caused death, the wound was caused by a sharp object puncture. This is the most sadistic murder of a 13-year-old teenager, and the perpetrator must be caught quickly to serve the maximum sentence.

This incident made Bailey's parents feel devastated and resentful. The police continue to investigate deeper to reveal Bailey's death. A video near the area revealed that Tristyn Bailey was walking with students from the Patriot Oaks Academy at around 1:45 this morning, then the student walked alone with a shoe in his hand. The student who was with Bailey was Facci.

Seeing the video footage, the police finally looked for Facci, a 13-year-old teenager, and ransacked his home for evidence. But when asked, Facci admitted that he took off his shoes because his leg was injured until he finally took off his shoes.

The police continued to look for evidence in his house until finally blood and other items were found that had something to do with Bailey's death. In the interviews, which were carried out by Facci, he always gave different explanations. But in the end, he confessed that he had killed Tristyn Bailey.

Facci was identified as a second-degree murder suspect, but because of his underage, the officers continued to seek a solution whether Facci was dropped as an adult-grade murderer or not. If Facci is determined to be an adult-grade killer he will be sentenced to life in prison.

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