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Adeline Quadros Castelino 22 Years Old Beautiful Woman Representing India

Adline Quadros Castelino 22 Years Old Beautiful Woman Representing India
Adeline Quadros Castelino successfully Represents India

- The Miss Universe Competition is currently being held at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino-Hollywood, Florida.

All the beautiful Misses who come from their respective countries have now gathered there, to take part in the Miss Universe competition and compete to win the Crown. Adeline Quadros, who comes from India, has now made it into the top 10 categories in the Miss Universe competition.

Adeline, who was originally from Kuwait, has now returned to India to become a woman who is financially independent. Adeline's desire to take part in the Miss Universe competition has matured until finally, she decided to register herself in the contest. He has high hopes that he hopes to win in the competition and be able to represent his country globally.

Adeline Quadros Castelino is Miss Universe 2020 who successfully represented India last year. She came from Kuwait then came to India to fulfill her dream as Miss Universe and could represent India.

In an interview, Adeline Quadros Castelino said all about his dream of becoming Miss Universe, and he felt proud to be able to represent India on the Miss Universe Platform. This beautiful young girl who comes from Kuwait also said that "I would really admire Miss Universe, but I also did not expect and I never imagined a girl like me who has a speech disability and has markings on her body, I can represent her country in Indonesia. Such a prestigious platform ".

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Adeline Quadros Castelino was born in Karnataka, where his parents are Mangalorean Catholics who also come from Karnataka.

Many have asked him whether Adeline Quadros Castelino really aspires to become an actor? Adeline Quadros Castelino answered casually that "I am an adventurous person, therefore to try and practice aspects of my personality at every opportunity that comes my way. So of course I would not mind acting, But I also have aspirations. aspiration to go into business, because I am a business graduate, and my interests are also there. So let's see what happens in my future ".

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