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Angelina Jolie Released Her Latest Film, Those Who Wish Me Dead

Angelina Jolie Released Her Latest Film, Those Who Wish Me Dead
Angelina Jolie Successfully Releases New Film, "They Who Wish Me Dead"

- Actress Angelina Jolie has now shown her acting skills again in her latest action film entitled Those Who Wish Me Dead

Seasoned actress Angelina Jolie has a role as a firefighter in her latest film. He also often appears in the recently released trailer. The film entitled Those Who Wish Me Dead is an adaptation of a novel by Michael Koryta. The film will premiere on May 14 on HBO max.

This film is directed by Taylor Sheridan, which tells the story of Hannah Faber as Angelina Jolie, a person who works as a firefighter who puts out fires in the Montana Wilderness.

In this film, Angelina Jolie will meet Connor Casserly (Finn Little), who plays a child who is scared because she is being chased by a group of adults. Connor Casserly is the target of a group of bad guys so that he witnesses a series of crimes.

In this case, Hannah had to deal with two problems at once, First Hannah had to deal with the fire that occurred in the Montana Wilderness and she also had to deal with Connor who was indirectly involved in the murder case committed by a group of bad people.

Apart from Angelina Jolie, other actors in this film also star Tayler Perry, Nicholas Hoult, Jon Bernthal, and a number of other actors. The film, entitled Those Who Wish Me Dead, was also produced in collaboration with two production houses, namely New Line Cinema and Creative Wealth Media. While Warner Bros. apart from releasing the trailer on this film, also took over the distribution and marketing process in this Action Thriller film.

The story in this film focuses on a child named Connor Casserly (Finn Litle), where Connor accidentally witnesses the murder of his own father in a national forest area. Nicholas Hoult as Patrick and Aidan Gillen as Jack Blackwell who played the killer of Connor's father.

This father and son worked as assassins and received an assignment from someone to kill Connor's father. However, it is unfortunate that their action is known by Connor, from which Jack and Patrick have the intention to kill Connor, fsn Connor becomes the target of Jack and Patrick.

Connor runs scared but in the midst of his escape, Connor meets a firefighter, Angelina Jolie as Hannah Faber. Seeing Connor who was in extreme fear, Hanna Fiber finally ordered Connor to hide.

Knowing that Connor is running towards the forest, Jack and Patrick burn the forest to eliminate Connor.

Then will Hannah Fiber and Connor survive amidst the forest fires? Watch his latest film entitled Those Who Wish Me Dead which will be broadcast soon.

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