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Ariana Grande Marries Dalton Gomez After Dating For So Long

Ariana Grande Marries Dalton Gomez After Dating For So Long
Ariana Grande Married Dalton Gomez

- Artist Arianda Grande with her lover Dalton Gomes is reported to have conducted a simple wedding reception.

The second marriage was simple and intimate. They do their wedding on Monday (17/5) night in the United States. The simple wedding was attended by less than 20 people. In a room that they both feel happy with full of affection.

The news of Ariana Grande's marriage to Dalton Gomez was previously reported by TMZ, on Monday (17/5) in the United States. They are reportedly doing a wedding at their own home in Montecito, California at the weekend. Montecito is the place where they spend most of their time there. Of course, it is very natural for them to have a wedding in their own house which is full of that history.

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez held their fiancee event in December 2020, Dalto Gomez also posted his fiancé's jewel ring which was uploaded via his social media on Monday (21/12). They said that the engagement ceremony between Aliana Grande and her boyfriend Dalton Gomez made their second family happy. Her parents are very happy to see her and they hope that Ariana Grande's relationship with Dalton Gamez will continue to improve forever.

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Their dating relationship is not exposed at all, so not many people know about this relationship. Ariana Grande underwent the relationship personally but she admitted that she was happy with her relationship with Dalton Gamez. In June, the two couples began uploading photos of the two on social media. We pray that their relationship will last forever.

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