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Barcelona VS Atletico Madrid ended in a 0-0 draw

Barcelona VS Atlético Madrid
Barcelona VS Atlético Madrid

- Atletico Madrid has now ended in a draw without scoring against Barcelona at the Camp Nou Stadium.

The match ended in a draw with a score of 0-0, in the match against Spain Barcelona, ​​which is now the host, got control of the ball throughout the match, while Atletico Madrid also played well so it seemed difficult to break the opponent's goal.

Of the 11 shots launched by Barcelona towards the opponent, only seven were directed at the opponent. While still in the same period, Atletico Madrid shot the opponent's shots 11 times but only 6 were in the direction.

When he entered the 10th minute, Barcelona was locked in his own defense area. During that time, Barcelona did not succeed in creating opportunities at all. Meanwhile, Atletico Madrid managed to create opportunities by firing twice at the goal. Even so, Barcelona and its goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen were still so tough that Atletico Madrid was a little overwhelmed when they shot their shots at goal.

So that not one Atletico Madrid trial kick resulted in a goal. That makes Atletico Madrid have to play a new strategy by making early substitutions.

At the time of entering the 13th minute, Thomas Lemar injured his leg during the match, so that he had to be pulled off the field and by Saul Niguez. But Madrid is not the only one who has experienced the same thing. Not long after that, Sergio Busquets entered the field due to a minor head injury.

The injury that served Busquets in the head due to a collision with Atletico Madrid defender Stevan Savic's head in an aerial duel that took place in the middle of the field in the 27th minute and Busquets was already registered as withdrawn and connected to IIaix Moriba in the 32nd minute.

In the first half, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid did not score a goal at all until the first half was over. As a result, the remaining score still remains at 0-0.

In the second half, the match turned increasingly fierce, Lionel Messi and his friends tried to increase the intensity of their attacks, and that made Atletico Madrid try hard to increase the chances through his counterattacks. But the solidity of the defense made the match goalless in the 70th minute.

The match was fierce, and the ranks made for each opponent were strong so that at the end of the match the score obtained was a draw/draw with a score of 0-0.

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