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Bill Gates Is Under Investigation By Microsoft Board For Having A Core Relationship With One Of Its Employees

Is Under Investigation By Microsoft Board For Having A Core Relationship With One Of His Employees
Bill Gates being investigated by the police regarding his case

- A spokesman for Bill Gates last week denied the case of an intimate relationship with his employees.

Microsoft's board of directors has brought in a lawyer to conduct an examination of Bill Gates regarding an intimate relationship with his employees. In the investigation, the spokesman confirmed last week that this happened in the last month before he stepped down from his board of directors in March 2020 last year.

The Well Street Journal said that "The Microsoft Crop board member decided Bill Gates should step down from the board in 2020 because they have already conducted an investigation into his romantic relationship with a female Microsoft employee who was deemed inappropriate".

According to Gates' attorneys, Gates has left Microsoft to focus more on his philanthropic organization, the Bill You Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Gates and his wife Melinda, have fought together to fight poverty in a globalized era. A Microsoft spokesperson has told AFP that the company was notified in the second half of 2009 that Bill Gates is now trying to initiate an intimate relationship with an employee of a Microsoft company.

A board committee reviewed the concern, assisted by an outside law firm to carry out a thorough investigation. The Wall Street Journal also reported that an employee was an engineer. It contained a letter claiming that he had had sexual relations with Gates for years.

This news suddenly shocked everyone and expressed concern over what happened to Bill Gates. However, the investigation will continue to be carried out until this matter is completely resolved. Hopefully, this incident does not happen again, and may Bill Gates be given the strength and fortitude to undergo all the examinations.

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