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Crazy !!! It turns out that this is the cost of daily necessities of life in Japan

Crazy !!! It turns out that this is the cost of daily necessities of life in Japan
cost of necessities in Japan

- When we want to travel abroad, of course, it is very important to calculate in advance how much budget you will spend on trips abroad especially when you decide to go to Japan.

For example, when we want to have lunch in the city of Tokyo, the budget that we will spend on lunch is around 1000 Yen. But if you are in a business area like office workers you may get an offer called "One lunch coin" for 500 Yen. And for the cost of dinner, the price varies depending on the restaurant.

But usually, the cost for dinner is around 5,000 yen per person. If you choose food at a low price, of course, there are such things as fast food, namely indomie and burgers. The list of average prices for fast food in Tokyo is as follows:

  • Spaghetti with meat sauce is 729 yen
  • Ramen which is 567 yen
  • Conveyor Belt Sushi (Two tuna nigiri) 132 yen
  • Hot Coffee (in the coffee shop) 422 yen
  • Cheeseburger 167 yen

In Japan, almost everyone shops for necessities at supermarkets, there you will find small shops that sell various kinds of necessities such as selling fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and so on. The average prices for Japanese kitchen needs are as follows:

  • 100-gram Japanese mackerel sells for 110 yen
  • 5 kilo non-glutinous rice 2,285 yen
  • 1-liter milk 221 yen
  • Pork 100 grams 194 yen
  • 1 kilogram of cabbage 208 yen
  • 10 eggs 249 yen
  • 1-kilogram potato 364 yen
  • 1-kilogram kitchen salt 112 yen
  • Cooking oil 1 kilogram 315 yen
  • 6 cans of 350 ml canned beer 1,135 yen

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The daily necessities that are available in Japan are generally of high quality but the price is very affordable. Therefore, having careful preparation for traveling abroad is very important.

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