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David Steward, The Richest Billionaire In The World Who Was A Scavenger

David Steward, The Richest Billionaire In The World Who Was A Scavenger
David Steward, The World's Richest Billionaire

- David Steward, who does not know this person who is the richest entrepreneur who has many companies in the US

David Steward is the owner of the company as well as the founder of a company called World Ward Technology (WWT), in 2003 the Word Ward Technology Company managed to get a turnover of US $ 1 billion, it continues to increase every year until 2010 he managed to get US revenue. $ 3.2 Billion. Until now, it is still growing and it is reported that its income has reached US $ 9 billion to date. And that makes it one of the largest private companies in the US.

David Steward now owns nearly 40 companies and has had many partnerships with other companies and has 100 customers. The Word Ward Technology company has approximately 3000 employees and some of them are spread across 20 offices around the world. Truly this is a special privilege that David Steward has experienced throughout his history. He managed to become the richest man and owned many companies in the US.

But do you know? Behind his success, David Steward comes from underprivileged descent. Her father is only a mechanic and collector of garbage, while her mother is only a housewife. They were just a poor family living in Missouri America, and the Stewards themselves could only endure the ordeals they were experiencing at that time.

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However, in 1967, David Steward became an integrated group of African-American student members. And in 1973 David Steward finally earned a B.S degree in business at Central Missouri State University. From there Steward started getting jobs at various companies, one of which was in the transportation industry. And he also served as an Account Executive at Federal Express.

From there David Steward began to develop his business until now and managed to enter the category of the richest person in the US.

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