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India Threatened By Deadly Fungus Attacks

India Threatened By Deadly Fungus Attacks
In India, hundreds of people died from fungal infection mucormycosis

- India Threatened By Deadly Fungus Attack! Hundreds of people died from mucormycosis fungal infections after Covid 19

Now India is under threat of a deadly fungus attack! Hundreds of people died from mucormycosis fungal infections after Covid 19. According to doctors in India, the attack of deadly fungi can have a serious impact on Covid 19 patients or those who have recovered from the Covid attack. Actually, the condition of patients who are attacked by this fungus is relatively few, but doctors in India are still worried about the attacks that may occur in the future.

Moreover, the spread of black fungus or mucormycosis attack itself is relatively easy because it can generally be found in the soil, air, and even in human mucus. The symptoms of mucormycosis themselves occur due to exposure to mucus or black fungus, which is of course worrying. Now besides Corona there are many people who also have to fight this fungus attack, hundreds of Indian Covid-19 patients have mucormycosis, and what are the facts about black fungus attacks

Classified as a fungus that is easy to find

The fact of the thousands of people who died from black fungus attacks, the first hundreds of people died from mucormycosis fungal infections after Covid 19 is that this fungus is easy to find. Black fungus is very easy to find in the soil, plants, fertilizer, rotten fruit, or vegetables. People who are affected by this fungal attack are usually due to direct contact with these fungal spores which will later make them experience respiratory infections.

Worrying For Diabetes Patients

The second fact about this black fungus is that the effect is quite worrying for people with diabetes, diabetes, and steroids fuelling new mucormycosis waves. Why is that? Because those who already have comorbidities, namely diabetes, will usually be less immune to this one fungus attack. People who already have diabetes will find it more difficult to fight against this black fungus attack and usually will have more torturous characteristics.

Have Many Characteristics Affected

Apart from the two facts above, the people who died from this black fungus must also be worried and aware of the characteristics of contracting this black fungus which turns out to be quite a lot. The first characteristic is the nose will experience a blockage, blackish or bloody mucus, then local pain in the cheekbones. Not only that, there are characteristics of changing the bridge of the nose or roof of the mouth to black, then fever and chest pain.

In addition to some of the characteristics above, people who experience black fungus attacks also experience blurred vision, skin lesions, pleural effusions, and hemoptysis. Because of the many and serious attacks from this one fungus, especially for those who have experienced a Covid outbreak.

Can still be prevented

Even though it has a dangerous tendency, of course, this attack from black fungus can still be prevented, you know. Starting from using a mask in areas that are a lot of dust, using long clothes, and do not directly contact the ground. Maintain body hygiene and don't forget to take antifungal drugs to reduce the possibility of contracting it.

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The world is currently grieving and is trying to fight the Coronavirus which continues to spread and even mutates rapidly, including Indonesia and India. Hundreds of people died from mucormycosis fungal infections after Covid 19 and the number of cases continues to increase. Not only Covid-19, but now India must also actively fight against a deadly fungal infection or A Rare Fungal Infection.

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