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Ingvar Kamprad, The Successful and Inspiring Story of the IKEA Founder

Ingvar Kamprad, The Successful and Inspiring Story of the IKEA Founder
Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of successful IKEA

- IKEA is one of the mainstay brands that sell various kinds of household needs.

IKEA which was founded by Ingvar Kamprad has been successful and is well known throughout the world. IKEA has existed for many years now, behind its success is certainly not easy. It took a long time and had to experience many obstacles, but every obstacle experienced by Ingrav Kamprad did not make him sink. Kamprad continued to fight tirelessly, and he was sure that his efforts would pay off.

Ingvar Kamprad was born on March 30, 1926, in Sweden, Ingvar Kamprad does have a background as a trader. Where his grandmother and grandfather had a business that almost made him go bankrupt, resulting in his grandfather's death. Until her grandmother had to fight to save her business, but with her persistence, finally, her grandmother managed to save her almost bankrupt business.

Ingvar Kamprad started his business since he was in school, starting from selling ballpoint pens to matches. At the age of 10, Ingvar Kamprad also sells Christmas decorations, fish, and other items using bicycles. That's where he started to benefit.

When Ingvar entered the age of 17 in 1943, he was given money by his father and used it as additional capital to set up his business. It was there that Kamprad started to open a business called IKEA, but the products he was selling at that time were not home furnishings as they are today.

The name IKEA is taken from the initials of its own name, namely Ingvar Kamprad (IK), DAN (E) Elemtrayed which means as a place to grow, and (A) Agunnaryd, which is the name of the nearest village. At that time he was selling anything and everything such as wallets, picture frames, and pens. Ingvar Kamprad also had a chance to borrow money from the district bank at that time for $ 63 and he decided on the loan for the first and last time.

In 1948 Ingvar Kamprad began to profit from his furniture business. In 1951 IKEA started making its first catalog due to its remote location, making it difficult to find a larger target market. The principle that was held by Ingvar at that time was to present quality products at affordable prices.

Ingvar Kamprad has started to open its first showroom in Almhut where visitors can see and try it. And now IKEA has spread throughout the world and is starting to buy home products in large sizes such as table decorations and others. The number of shops established by Ingvar has reached 400 stores and even more with 208,000 employees.

It's really extraordinary isn't it, this is very motivating for those of you who want to start opening a business in this field. That everything useful that makes us successful cannot be achieved instantly. Everything needs a long process and we must have a high determination and willingness to live it.

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