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Inspirational Stories of Young Korean Women Who Succeed With Their Business

Inspirational Stories of Young Korean Women Who Succeed With Their Business
Korean Young Woman Inspiration Story

- To run a business, of course, there will be a lot of various trials to be faced.

Call it a woman named Kim Su Kyung, a girl from Korea who has successfully run her online business. However, after his father's departure, he left a large debt of 2 billion won, equivalent to Rp. 23 billion. It makes Su Kyung no longer think about how he can continue his school.

At the age of 15 years, Kim Su Kyung finally chose not to continue his studies, he decided to quit school and start a business. Although she was afraid that her chosen online shop would risk failure. Kim Su Kyung continued to do the business she was in patiently and steadfastly until she was 21 years old.

When he was 21 years old, Su Kyung had to go to great lengths to organize his online business so he could get a profit to be able to pay off the debt his father left behind.

In an interview with the Korean society, Kim Sy Kyung said: "that many people think that online business is not that difficult, just upload a photo and people will be interested in buying it. But actually it's not easy". With his persistent efforts, Kim Su Kyung managed to successfully run his business and became the founder and CEO of the largest online shopping center in South Korea.

The success of Kim Yu Kyung is the most beautiful surprise in his entire life, he lived it all alone. He just asks for help from his friends to become a photo of the clothes he sells, the rest he does himself. His knowledge in the world of Fashion has been found since he was a child. Until finally, he has proven to be very influential in the success of his online business.

At the age of 15 years ago, Kim Su Kyung did not understand anything about doing business. However, he learned many things related to business which he obtained from the internet, books, libraries, and various other sources. Kim Su Kyung also worked part-time at a shopping center, she lived it for the sake of an experience and earned extra money.

And now Kim Su Kyung has become a successful person at his young age by serving as a founder and SEO at the largest online shopping center in South Korea. Now he can pay off all his father's debts, and the much he has earned from his hard work.

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