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Israel continues to fight Palestine, now Hamas is launching a counterattack by launching rocket showers

Israel continues to fight Palestine, now Hamas is launching a counterattack by launching rocket showers
Hamas counterattack on Israel

- Palestinian fighters again carried out attacks on Israeli territory on Thursday

Earlier on the same day, the Palestinian warrior forces counterattacked the Israeli territory, after the Israeli army bombarded the city of Gaza and deployed more than 9000 additional troops in the border area.

Until Thursday (13/5/2021) the Gaza health ministry said that at least 84 people have been killed as a result of attacks by Israeli forces in the Gaza area, and 18 of them were children.

Thousands of Israelis had a great time feasting after they staged a riot at the Palestinian Al-Aqsa mosque. They think because Palestine will never be able to take revenge on Israel. Because the Hamas rocket launched at Israel on (10/5/2021) did not hit the target.

But behind the happiness of Israel, who thought that Palestine had failed to take its revenge, the next day the Israeli citizens turned to cry because Hamas had successfully launched a rain of rockets into Israeli territory so that many of their homes were burned and destroyed Israel. No half-hearted Hamas fighters have released 130 rockets into Israeli territory on (11/5/2021).

The attack carried out by Hamas is a counterattack on the attack carried out by Israel in the Gaza strip which collapsed many buildings and houses as well as casualties. One of the buildings that were destroyed by the attack of Israel was that it was an office used by the political leadership of the Islamic ruler, Hamas. As a result of the attack on Israel at least 35 people were reported to have died.

Not long after the attack took place, Hamas fighters and a group of Islamic Jihadists took revenge by counterattacking and firing rockets at Tel Aviv. The United States Department of State urged both parties to exercise restraint.

In a statement, Hamas said that "We are now fulfilling our promise".

The largest rocket attack was launched by the Qassam Brigades against Tel Aviv and its suburbs, launching 130 rockets in response to enemy targeting. According to information, several hours earlier it was reported that Israel had sent 80 jets to bomb Gaza on the border.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Israeli military would step up its attacks on the Gaza region, an enclave of 2 million people, in response to rocket attacks. The attack power and attack frequency will be increased ".

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