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Kenny Troutt United States Richest Entrepreneur

Kenny Troutt United States Richest Entrepreneur
Kenny Troutt The Richest Businessman In The US

The United States - Kenny Troutt is the oldest of three children, Kenny Troutt is the richest businessman in the United States.

Kenny Troutt managed to achieve success from his own hard work. He made it into the category of the richest person in the United States. Kenny Troutt successfully founded a company called Excel Communications, which provides long-distance telephone service. He founded it with his friend Steve Smith.

In 1996, Excel Communication was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), with company code ECI. The youngest successful company, In just nine years the company has successfully earned billions of US dollars in revenue.

Excel Communication is growing rapidly, even faster than Microsoft. But unfortunately, in 1998, the Excel Communication month was finally sold by Teleglobe. Troutt and Smith get a sum of money from the sale of US $ 3.5 billion, making it a billionaire. But even though it was sold, Kenny Troutt remained CEO of Excel Communications.

On September 20, 1999, Kenny Troutt finally chose to retire from his position. And until now he is still listed as the Forbes' richest businessman in the United States Union. With his wealth reaching up to US $ 1.5 billion, or the equivalent of 22 trillion.

From the results of his wealth, Kenny Troutt has several luxury homes and a farm called Winstar Farm, which has  ​​up to 2,400 hectares. And currently, he lives with his wife, Lisa E. Copeland, and has three children. Today, Kenny Troutt and his wife and children live on a farm in Dallas, Texas.

That is the success story of Kenny Troutt, a young entrepreneur who was successful and developed his company to get a large turnover, even though in the end the company was sold. But keep in mind that behind Kenny Troutt's success, it turns out that he was born from a poor family. However, due to his persistence, Kenny Troutt finally managed to achieve his success.

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