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New Whatsapp Policy, This Is What Happens If You Don't Accept The New Privacy Policy

New Whatsapp Policy, This Is What Happens If You Don't Accept The New Privacy Policy
Whatsapp issued a new privacy policy that you must accept

- Now Whatsapp has recently issued its new privacy policy after almost months of announcing plans to update the policy.

This new policy issued by Whatsapp generally forces its users to accept the latest terms of service issued by Whatsapp. Now WhatsApp users will no longer be able to close those who ask to accept new terms, although they can still receive phone calls and reply to messages via notifications.

This new WhatsApp privacy policy will be a series of new features that will allow small businesses to upload their catalog directly to the application. And WhatsApp users can send messages to sellers and can browse all their merchandise, and can complete their purchases with just one application without having to leave WhatsApp.

The new Privacy Policy issued by WhatsApp has sparked concern for its users because it will share user data on Facebook. This of course makes many people prefer to switch to other applications such as Telegram and Signal.

And the company has also announced that users who refuse to accept the new WhatsApp service will gradually lose their Whatsapp access completely. The company, which also joins Facebook, has sent a message that has been sent through the status.

This policy has been planned since three months ago, and Whatsapp has postponed implementing the new policy. Initially, the new policy will take effect on February 8, 2021, however, the company has been informed to delay the implementation of the new policy until May 2021.

Whatsapp says on its blog that "We have heard from so many people feeling confused about the implementation of the new privacy policy we issued recently. There is so much misinformation that it causes a lot of concern. And we want to help everyone, to understand the principles and our facts ".

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