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New Zealand To Host First 'Chocstock' Chocolate Festival

New Zealand To Host First 'Chocstock' Chocolate Festival
First Chocolate Festival in Zealand

- Wellington may be the most beautiful and memorable day for all New Zealanders. Why is that?

Wellington Chocolate Factory (WCF), and The Chocolate Baru will soon be holding a chocolate festival for the first time in New Zealand. This is the first chocolate craft festival to be held in New Zealand to be precise in Wellington on July 3, 2021.
The purpose of holding this festival is to unite the relationship between the chocolate craft industry which is currently developing in New Zealand. During Chocstock, Wellington's tastiest Eva-street will offer everything like beer, chocolate pizza, chocolate, and a variety of specially crafted desserts. Of course, this is very festive and many New Zealanders will be enthusiastic about attending the event.

Williams said "This is the first festival we collaborate with. Globally, the bean curd movement will grow as consumers demand more transparency and sustainability in their chocolate and realize the depth of problems from slavery to deforestation."

During the weekend, chocolate fans will also be able to attend the event with tickets at Whiskey With Chocolate at Hanging Ditch and Beer With Chocolate at Fortune Favors. This inaugural event will be held on July 3, 2021, at Eva Street Factory WCF, There will be 8 slots in an hour where fans will be able to meet face-to-face with their dream chocolate maker.

Tickets just started going on sale on May 24th, the inaugural event for Chocstock being held with funding from the mayor of Wellington. This will be the most lively event and there will be lots of people there to join the event. And this is the most memorable moment for all New Zealanders in Wellington.

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