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Palestine Celebrates Eid Al-Fitr with Sorrow

Palestine Celebrates Eid Al-Fitr with Sorrow
Palestine cannot celebrate Eid

- Israel's feud against Palestine is getting worse, Israel is even more rebellious and destroying Palestine.

The fighting between the two sides is getting more intense. The conflict between Israel and Palestine is now heating up again. Palestinians find it difficult to be able to celebrate Eid al-Fitr because Israel continues to attack Palestinians mercilessly. This incident is very sad, the number of victims as a result of this attack makes the whole world sad.

One of the Palestinians said that "There is no Eid, especially considering the development of the Gaza and the fighters who have died. I think everyone should show their solidarity, Eid is not for our people this year. With ongoing developments, and more than 35 people died. Only God knows how many they are now, all for Jerusalem. So we shouldn't celebrate Eid this year".

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is now not subsiding at the end of the month of Ramadan but is getting more heated. The United Nations is worried about the escalation of the conflict in the last three days. This will lead to open warfare.

The rain of rockets continued to occur on the Gaza line, on the border of Israel and Palestine on Monday (10/5/2021). The riots that occurred at the Al Aqsa mosque complex, Jerusalem resulted in hundreds of Palestinians being injured in clashes with the Israeli army. This eerie atmosphere looms over the city of Ramallah on the west side. As a result of this attack, Palestinians admitted that it would be difficult for them to be able to celebrate Eid this year, because of the ongoing attacks in Gaza and Jerusalem.

Ramallah resident Osama Al-Tarifi said that "Personally I only prepared a few things for Eid this year. Because this year is an extraordinary year, considering what happened in Gaza and Jerusalem, and the West Bank. There were martyrs, injured people. , killing and destruction. Where this year will be very difficult for all Palestinians. The conditions are rather difficult, not the least, it is actually very difficult for everyone. -Aqsa his condition is not normal at all, there is no Eid atmosphere ".

When millions of Muslims around the world celebrate Eid, Palestine must take refuge in the midst of Israeli attacks that continue to attack and destroy Palestine. This attack took place in the middle of Eid al-Fitr, the residents were criticized with fear. The bombs continued to be launched by the Israeli army to destroy Gaza and Palestine.

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