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Results of the match Crystal Palace VS Arsenal Score 1-3 Make European Competitors Heats Up

Results of the match Crystal Palace VS Arsenal Score 1-3 Make European Competitors Heats Up
Crystal Palace VS Arsenal Score 1-3

- Arsenal successfully celebrated the victory in the match against Crystal Palace on Thursday (20/05/21).

Week 37 of the premier league party on Thursday (20/05/21) which was held at Selhurst Park, London earlier this morning, Arsenal successfully won the match against Crystal Palace with a score of 3-1.

The opening goal created by Nicolas Pepe was replied to by Christian Benteke. Arsenal almost had to be willing to leave the match because they only had 1 point. But as if a miracle came for the Arsenal team, Arsenal now managed to get a lot of points from the goals scored by Gabriel Martinelli and then followed by Nicolas Pepe's second goal in the final minutes of the match.

Thanks to that victory, Arsenal can now secure back in ninth place in the standings with 58 points, while Crystal Palace is in 13th place with 44 points.

At the beginning of the match in the first half, it was quite tight, so that in the two camps both got some golden opportunities, but unfortunately, there was still no chance to get a goal in the first half. At the 35th minute, Arsenal appeared more sporting so that they were able to break down the Crystal Palace goal for a goal scored by Nicolas Pepe.

This made the match heated up, Crystal Palace tried to get back at it, but unfortunately the revenge attempt by Crystal Palace in the first half was fruitless. The position became 1-0 and Arsenal still survived in the first half.

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At the time of entering the second half match, Crystal Palace's efforts to equalize began again. At this opportunity, Crystal Palace tried to appear more sporty and tried to increase the intensity of their attacks. The match in the second half started and went tight.

The fierce match in the second half turned out to still not produce results for Crystal Palace, Arsenal's strong defense made Crystal Palace a little overwhelmed to break down Arsenal. However, the intensity of the attacks continued to be picked up, after in the 62nd minute Crystal Palace managed to break through Arsenal's goal with a free-kick by Andros Townsend and was successfully headed by Benteke to beat Bernd Leno. Finally, the score was the same 1-1.

The supporter's shout that greeted Benteke's goal also made the Crystal Palace Squad even more enthusiastic. Players from Crystal Palace are increasingly looking to attack Arsenal. But what happened, it seemed like Crystal Palace had to accept defeat, because after the goals scored Pentek still did not bear sweet fruit.

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