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Squirrels Suspected of Spreading Plague In Downtown Colorado Springs Neighborhood

Squirrels Suspected of Spreading Plague In Downtown Colorado Springs Neighborhood
A squirrel spreading a dangerous virus in the City of Colorado Springs

- Several squirrels died allegedly from a deadly outbreak in two central Colorado Springs neighborhoods.

The El Paso District Health Department has appealed to local residents to be careful about the many dead squirrels. The number of squirrels that have died is thought to have been due to the plague within Patty Jewett and Divine Redeemer. And tests have been carried out in the laboratory, just waiting for confirmation from the state laboratory.

The Ministry of Health also said that this outbreak would emerge this time of year. And it is necessary as soon as possible to take preventive measures that can reduce the risk of transmission to humans.

The definition of plague is a disease that most often spreads rapidly to humans through various things such as through the bite of an infected flea. It can also be transmitted through tissue, fluids, or respiratory droplets in infected animals. In order to prevent transmission, the Ministry of Health provides several ways to avoid outbreaks, including the following:

  • It is not recommended to handle wildlife directly
  • Avoid pets from wild animals, especially dead rabbits
  • Don't let pets roam freely
  • Remove fleas from all pets as recommended by your veterinarian
  • It is prohibited to feed wild animals because this has the potential for direct transmission risk
  • Stay alert of all your pets, if you find an animal that has died suddenly then immediately report it to the El Paso County public health at (719) 578-3220
  • Symptoms of this outbreak can cause sudden fever, weakness, chills, lymph nodes.

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If anyone thinks they have been exposed they should contact a health care provider immediately. Until now, a vaccine has not been found to prevent transmission to humans, therefore the Ministry of Health should always be careful and alert to this outbreak.

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