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the beauty of birds of paradise

the beauty of birds of paradise
Bird of paradise with its beauty

Indonesia - Did you know that in addition to being famous for its natural beauty, Indonesia is also known for its various types of interesting animals, one of which is the Bird of Paradise.

The bird of paradise is a beautiful bird from Papua. Its beauty and beauty can be seen from the many colors on the fur. This indicates that this type of bird is the most beautiful bird ever. The existence of this bird is often used as a complementary accessory that symbolizes beauty.

Not only that, but the feathers are also often used as a decoration for the head by tribes from the interior of Papua. Usually, they use this head decoration to complement traditional ceremonies, welcoming guests, weddings, and so on. No wonder this beautiful bird originating from Papua is nicknamed the "Bird of Heaven".

This bird of paradise can be found in the regions of Papua, Maluku Islands, Papua New Guinea, the islands of the Straits of Timor, and the eastern continent of Australia. The original habitat of this bird of paradise is a dense forest on the lowlands, there are about 41 species of bird of paradise living in Indonesia, while 37 of them are in Papua.

Behind the beauty and beauty of this bird of paradise, it is very unfortunate that not a few people hunt this type of bird. Therefore, this bird of paradise is one of the birds protected by the Indonesian government. If there are people who dare to order this bird and even kill it, then he will get punishment based on the animal protection law that has been established by the Indonesian government.

This bird has a main character that is able to attract attention because of its beauty. The main character lies in its bright fur which attracts attention, such as yellow, green, blue, and red.

These birds of paradise generally have many sizes depending on the species, such as the Kingdom Bird Of Paradise species which has a size of 15 cm, and there are also black sicklebill species which have a size of 110 cm. This type of bird consists of 43 species and 14 geniuses. But among all that, the one that became popular was Paradisaea Apoda or the big yellow paradise which came from the genius paradisaea.

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