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The Israeli onslaught against the Palestinians heats up, the casualties increase to 113 people

The Israeli onslaught against the Palestinians heats up, the casualties increase to 113 people
Palestinian victims as a result of Israel's ceasefire is increasing

- The death toll due to Israeli attacks is now growing. Until now, the death toll has reached 113 people.

There was even a woman and her three sons who died as a result of an Israeli airstrike. Of course, this will increase the death toll in Gaza. The ferocity of Israel's attack on Palestine in this Gaza line has made the death rate increase. Not only bombarding Palestine but Israel is also said to be increasing to deploy troops and tanks in Palestinian territory.

On Friday at 00:10 GMT Israeli troops gathered at the border but no ground attack took place. Safwat Al Kahlout from Al Jazeera reporting live from Gaza.

In a separate statement, the Israeli military denied that any ground attack had begun. Meanwhile, the Israeli side reported that six residents and one Indian citizen had died. The Israeli military said that thousands of rockets had been fired from the direction of Gaza at various locations in Israel and that they were adding aid from near the east of the region.

The Israeli army reportedly added 1,500 rockets that fired the Gaza from various locations, while the United States (US) Minister of Foreign Affairs (US) Antony Blinken asked all parties to ease tensions by telephone with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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President of the United States Antony Blinken also expressed his condolences to the Palestinians for the incidents that occurred, which resulted in many casualties as a result of the air bomb attack carried out by the Israeli military.

Warplanes launched by the Israeli army are now targeting several cities in Palestine by destroying all buildings and facilities so that it takes a lot of casualties. Of course, this has attracted a lot of attention in several countries.

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