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Traditional Puerto Rican Foods You Must Visit

Traditional Puerto Rican Foods You Must Visit
Puerto Rican Traditional Cuisine

- Puerto Rico is famous for its unique culinary tours, there are many kinds of culinary dishes that you must try.

Puerto Rico comes from the country of Joaquin Phoenix, which now has traditional culinary delights by presenting various kinds of taste images that will arouse appetites. Puerto Rican cuisine is also influenced by its African, Taion (indigenous), and Spanish roots. Although Puerto Rican culinary is not as popular as Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Italian culinary delights, it doesn't hurt to try to visit this place.

One of the most typical foods favored by the people of Puerto Rico is bananas, these bananas are made in a wide variety of dishes ranging from savory to sweet.

Some types of traditional Puerto Rican food offerings are as follows:


Bacalaitos Jajanan Tradisional Puerto Rico
Bacalaitos, Puerto Rico

Where Bacalaitos is one type of culinary popular in Puerto Rico, Bacalaitos in English are often referred to as fried codfish. Bacalaitos generally consist of shredded boiled codfish, without skin and bones. Then mix it with the flour mixture, baking powder, spices, and water. Then it is cooked by frying it in a pan until all the ingredients of the mixture are cooked.


Mofongo, Traditional Puerto Rican Snack
Mofongo, Puerto Rico

Mofongo food is a dish using green bananas, combined with several types of fish, chicken, or beef. Cut green bananas and then fry them. Then crushed and then formed into a bowl shape, but sometimes the inside has a hole. The banana that has been cut into pieces has then put the beef, chicken, and fish in the middle and then store intact.


Lechon, Traditional Puerto Rican Snack
Lechon, Puerto Rico

One of these dishes is no less important because a lot of Puerto Ricans love this type of food. A food with a variety of processed foods made from pork (pork), this Lechon is processed rolled meat by grilling it slowly until cooked and perfect. This Lechon has the image of a savory and crunchy taste.

Arroz Con Gandules

Arroz Con Gandules, Traditional Puerto Rican Snack
Arroz Con Gandules, Puerto Rico

Arroz Con Gandules food is a type of food combined with beans and rice which has a delicious taste image that will arouse your appetite. With the addition of spices such as salt, garlic, and coriander annatto. Just looking at it, I really want to try it right.


Tostones, Traditional Puerto Rican Snacks
Tostones, Puerto Rico

Tostones is a delicious snack dish. Tostones are made from crushed banana slices and then fried until cooked. These tomatoes are usually served with a sauce blend from a mixture of lemon juz, garlic, olive oil, and spices.

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Those are some types of culinary foods in Puerto Rico, all types of food available here are delicious and healthy. So it is very unfortunate if you visit this place but you don't try the delicious culinary.

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