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The United States Government Will Distribute 25 Million Vaccines To Prevent Covid-19

The United States Government Will Distribute 25 Million Vaccines To Prevent Covid-19
The United States Distributes 25 Million Vaccines

- Official announcement of vaccine distribution reaching 25 million vaccines will be distributed globally in the United States.

This vaccine distribution plan will be implemented at the end of June this year. The plan to distribute the vaccine is of course to reduce the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, with the hope that all governments get the vaccine evenly. Of the many vaccines that will be distributed through WHO, then the rest will be selected by the United States.

The plan to distribute the vaccine around the world is an initiative step supported by WHO to prevent the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, which is known to be deadly.

Not only that, the millions of vaccines distributed by the WHO, according to the White House official said that "In the future, there will be about 7 million doses of vaccines to be sent to Asia, then 6 million doses of vaccines will be sent to Latin America, and 5 million vaccines will be sent to Asia. African country".

This vaccine will be sent to countries around the world, especially in countries experiencing the worst outbreak of the coronavirus, including India. In this regard, the United States is also cooperating with global partners in the center for disease control and prevention in Africa. This step is taken to end the pandemic that has been troubling the whole world.

White House staff will soon distribute this vaccine around the world, millions of doses of vaccine supply will get enough security for the citizens of the United States. This will continue to be improved so that there will be more immunization processes for Americans.

President of the United States Joe Biden responded to this, said that "The distribution of vaccines in the United States will continue to be carried out and will increase the operational hours of Covid-19 vaccinations, and the target must reach 70 percent of the United States government has been vaccinated by July 4".

To make it easier for his citizens to vaccinate, United States President Joe Biden created an easy step by freeing child care and online motorcycle taxi services as a promise of COVID-19 vaccination. They will get subsidized services from the government to support the covid-19 vaccination.

Reducing the death rate and reducing the burden on hospitals is an ongoing effort to vaccinate COVID-19. In the United States alone, there have been 12 United States states that have managed to reach 70 percent, the results of this achievement are based on the Covid-19 vaccination that is continuously intensified.

From the results of data seen from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control in the United States. That as many as 52 percent of the US government has been vaccinated.

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