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Rat Plague in Australia Unsettles Farmers

Australia - Farmers in Australia, precisely in a rural area in New South Wales, are increasingly uneasy due to the outbreak of a rat pest that destroys their farms.

Rat Plague in Australia Unsettles Farmers
The Rat Plague attacking the Australian Government in the State of New South Wales

The reason is that because of the many dead rats, their crops and livelihoods also died because of the plague. One of the farmers named Andrew uploaded the video on their Tik Tok account, in the video, it is clear he is dropping hundreds of mice from the grain conveyor in a burning 44-gallon drum.

The rats attack the plow machine and nest until they eat the remaining grain. This certainly irritated the farmers, many were damaged by the rat pest.

Until finally a farmer in Australia continued to get rid of the rat plague and killed it to the extreme. Andrew's efforts to expel and destroy the rat plague got a lot of support from netizens who commented on his TikTok account. But there are also those who criticize him scathingly.

But Andrew paid no heed to that comment, because if the rat plague was not immediately eradicated then all the plants would die, and the rats would destroy all their machines. And the danger is that the rats will nest, it is possible that if left unchecked, the number of rat outbreaks will increase.

In May, in Australia, the government of the state of New South Wales was offered free mousetrap bait to farmers in order to eradicate rat pests. But unfortunately, the offer was rejected because there are some parties who do not allow the use of the mousetrap bait. On the grounds that poison is still banned in Australia.

The rat outbreak that hit eastern Australia caused severe damage, amounting to around AUS$100 million. This worsens mental health in the region. And the farmers also claimed to have suffered losses of up to AUS $ 300,000.

The cause of the outbreak is still unknown. But Australian farmers remain vigilant and continue to try to eradicate all these rats in various ways.

The emergence of hundreds of rat plagues shocked the farmers, this unusual thing happened in their area to make them surprised and did not expect there would be such a cruel plague. Obviously, this must be eradicated immediately otherwise the Australian government in New South Wales will continue to suffer enormous losses from the rat plague.

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