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The bubonic plague is thought to have originated from rats and guinea pigs

The bubonic plague is thought to have originated from rats and guinea pigs
The 'PES' epidemic attacks the country in the inner Mongolia region, so it is on a high level of alert

- The emergence of cases of bubonic plague recently in the region of Mongolia has the potential to cause serious new problems.

This was known after a farmer was suspected of having the bubonic plague. Until now he is still undergoing intensive care until his condition improves. The emergence of this type of bubonic plague in the Mongolian region made the Chinese government restless and fearful so that it entered a high level of alert in vigilance.

The bubonic plague invites many questions for the Chinese government. What animal is the bubonic plague caused by? And the bubonic plague was caused by what star?

If we look at the question, of course, there is no difference, in essence, they asked the cause of the emergence of this bubonic plague, did it really come from animals? Let's go deeper.

The number of breeders who are infected and have problems with their health has convinced the Chinese government that the bubonic plague comes from animals, namely rats and guinea pigs. Chinese society urges not to hunt these animals and are not allowed to consume these animals. It is suspected that these animals were the main source of the bubonic plague.

The government of Mongolia in China also urges you to always maintain your health and are required to comply with the recommended health protocols. This is certainly useful for preventing the outbreak of the dangerous bubonic plague.

This is not the first time this has happened, in the Middle Ages, a European country was hit by an outbreak of this bubonic plague, and dozens of people died from this plague.

Recognize the early symptoms of bubonic plague, the initial symptoms that occur are almost the same as flu. But if this is not addressed immediately, it is likely to be fatal.

Recognize the following types of bubonic plague:

Bubonic Plague

This type of disease is one of the most common diseases that attack the lymphatic system, where it still has something to do with the human immune system. The symptoms caused are usually a person experiencing serious swelling of the lymph nodes which when held will feel soft and warm. Other symptoms will also be felt in people with bubonic plague such as feeling dizzy, chills, the body feels weak, muscle aches, and fever.

Septicemic Plague

This occurs because bacteria enter the bloodstream and multiply. Symptoms caused by this type of the disease are, nausea to vomiting, high fever, stomach pain, diarrhea, bleeding occurs. This type of bubonic plague is known to be very dangerous, why? Because it almost does not cause symptoms and direct complications occur in the sufferer.

Pneumonic Plague

In contrast to the type of plague septicemic plague, if the plague is septicemic, the invading bacteria enter the bloodstream, while this type of pneumonic plague occurs when bacteria enter the lung area to cause infection. Symptoms experienced by people with Pneumonic Plague are shortness of breath, dizziness, fever, and coughing up blood. In the case of this type of disease must be treated quickly, and if the slightest delay then the risk of death will occur.

Those are some brief summaries of the types of bubonic plague that you must know. Please note that until now there is no medicine or vaccine to prevent this disease. Therefore, the Chinese government continues to urge them to continue to comply with the health protocols that have been set. Because if it is ignored, it will be very difficult to cure, considering that there is no antidote or vaccine yet.

A simple way that can be done to prevent bubonic plague is to always keep all their pets clean. Keep clean animals such as dogs and cats to avoid fleas.

Don't forget to also keep your house clean to avoid the entry of rats into the house, because rats are vulnerable animals that carry bubonic plague into the house. Avoid direct contact with intermediary animals, if you want to deal directly with animals as intermediaries, then you must use gloves to avoid tick bites which are suspected to be the cause of the bubonic plague.

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