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Danger Signs of Kidney Cancer to Watch Out for

Signs of kidney cancer you should know
Dangers of Kidney Cancer

Danger Signs of Kidney Cancer to Watch Out for - Kidneys are important parts of the body that function to filter toxins in the body.

But what happens if you have serious kidney problems? Never underestimate if there are complaints related to the kidneys, there are some signs or symptoms of kidney disease that must be known.

The kidneys are located on the right and lower left sides of the back of the ribs. Which serves to filter blood metabolism in the body and dispose of it through urine. Usually, kidney cancer is very susceptible to occur in people who are 60 years old.

Signs and treatment of kidney cancer we will share here, hopefully, this can help provide useful information for you.

How Does This Kidney Cancer Happen? This can occur due to DNA cells in the kidneys are mutated, which undergoes changes in the structure and genetics. As a result of this mutation, the kidneys work out of control.

Kidney cancer will also occur in the presence of abnormal cells that grow, where these abnormal cells will form tumors and spread quickly to other parts of the body.

The following are some of the risk factors for kidney cancer:

  • Having an abnormal/excessive weight or vice versa
  • Smoke
  • Hypertension
  • Have a family history of kidney cancer
  • Lower back pain
  • There is a lump around the stomach
  • Blood appears in the urine
  • Tired easily
  • Anemia

Kidney cancer death sign will pose a very dangerous potential. Therefore, if there are symptoms of these factors, you should immediately go to the doctor for intensive treatment.

Kidney cancer has different characteristics, based on its character it is divided into several types, including:


Where this type of kidney cancer is very rare, this type of sarcoma kidney cancer begins with binding to the kidney area.

Urothelial Carcinoma

This type of cancer occurs in the renal pelvis. Usually, the initial stage of treatment is the same as in bladder cancer, this occurs because it comes from the same cells.

Wilm's Tumor

This is a type of cancer that often occurs in children aged 10 years.

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Unlike the case with Wilm's Tumor cancer, this type of Renal cell carcinoma often attacks adults.

Those are some types of kidney cancer based on their characteristics. Early warning signs of kidney cancer need to be aware of how dangerous it is if this type of cancer is ignored without paying extra attention.

So if you experience the complaints that have been mentioned above, you should consult a doctor. Because in this case, the doctor will diagnose and usually will be asked questions about all the patient's complaints.

That way the doctor will immediately perform a physical examination, in order to detect the occurrence of lumps that cause swelling in the lower back and waist.

Not only that, to deal with this more deeply, the doctor will usually also perform a blood test to determine if there are signs of impaired kidney function. A urine test will also be done to check for infection or blood in the urine.

For patients with kidney cancer who have consulted a doctor, they have undergone several examinations, it will be very helpful and accelerate the healing process of kidney cancer.

From the results of the diagnosis that has been made, later the results of the examination will be used to determine the stage of kidney cancer. Kidney cancer is known as stage 1 to 4 kidney cancer. The levels are like:

Stage 1

This is an early stage that occurs for kidney cancer, where stage 1 still has a diameter of no more than 7 cm, stage 1 is still a safe level because it has not spread to the surrounding glands.

Stage 2

In this stage 2 kidney cancer, it has begun to show that cancer has exceeded 7 cm in diameter, but it has also not spread to other parts of the gland.

Stage 3

Stage 3 kidney cancer is a sign that kidney cancer has spread throughout the lymph nodes and surrounding areas.

Stage 4

At this stage 4 level, it is said to be in a very severe condition. Where this cancer has spread to all parts of the body and surrounding organs.

To get treatment in patients with kidney cancer will be adjusted to the size, location, and stage of cancer. In the treatment of kidney cancer treatment will also be carried out by several methods, for example by performing surgery, ablation therapy, radiotherapy, target therapy, and embolization.

Then how to prevent kidney cancer attacks? In the current condition, it is not known for sure what causes kidney cancer. However, there are some simple steps you can take to prevent kidney cancer, including:

  • For those of you who are used to smoking, start now to stop smoking
  • Watch and keep blood pressure
  • Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Pay attention to weight
  • Do exercise regularly

That's a brief explanation of the dangers of kidney cancer, how to prevent and how to treat it. I hope this information is helpful. Start now to get used to implementing a healthy lifestyle.

Love your body, because the proverb says "In a healthy body, there is a strong soul".

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