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Revealed !! this is the cause of the rat outbreak in Australia

Revealed !! this is the cause of the rat outbreak in Australia
A rat plague attack that harms Australians a lot

- Hundreds of Rats have been caught in a trap at a farmer's residence on the Norman Moeris grain in the Australian part of New South Wales.

Due to the rat outbreak that hit Australia recently, farmers were overwhelmed. As a result, many plants died, machines were damaged, and suffered huge losses. The rat plague attack got the attention of the deputy prime minister.

The deputy prime minister is continuing to take steps to eradicate all the rat plague that has been troubling Australians in parts of New South Wales.

This eastern part of Australia has been plagued with rats for months. These rats have ravaged all agricultural fields and inhabited homes in eastern Australia, across the southern Victorian border to the northern state of Queensland.

One farmer named Mories made a protective tarpaulin that would cover his wheat harvest at night and found a swarm of rats.

Norman Mories is one of the thousands of farmers in New South Wales. They seem confused and stressed by the rat attack that destroys their field of search. Thousands of rats attacked residents, damaged crops, gnawed their agricultural equipment, destroyed household appliances, and caused power outages.

The local residents who saw the rat immediately killed it in an extreme way, tens or even hundreds of rats had been killed by the residents.

Norman Morris and other farmers said that "After the outbreak, this is really very detrimental because it happened after heavy rains fell after the drought-hit".

Due to the wet weather after the rain, this will produce the largest grain harvest Australia has ever seen. But this also makes the rats respond quickly to attack residents' farms because of the availability of sufficient food for the rats.

One of the crops that Mories earns his livelihood for is Wheat, Peanuts, Oats, Barley, and raises 900 sheep on an area of ​​2,800 hectares on a farm near Gilgandra.

Norman Morris claimed to have lost his wheat worth AUS$130,000 due to the rat plague. Not only that, he also lost about 2,100 sheep due to the drought that occurred for three years. And that annoyed him, he couldn't do much.

Various attempts had been made, he had also set up perimeter bait traps around their fields and set them up. But still, the rats kept coming and destroying the plants.

This rat plague attack is not the first time experienced in Australia, this rat plague attack occurred after the end of the dry season. Where when harvesting grain after heavy rains fall, this rat plague will immediately attack their agricultural fields, because it is the perfect food for the rats.

For four years eastern Australia, precisely in New South Wales, experienced extreme drought. Maybe that's one of the reasons why these hundreds of rats are starving. And it will be profitable for the rats after the dry season ends and the grain fields are harvested until hundreds of rats attack their farms directly. Maybe this is one of the causes of the RAT OUTBREAK.

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