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Traveling to Mexico From Us, Recommended Favorite Places in Mexico!

Traveling to Mexico From Us, Recommended Favorite Places in Mexico!
Recommendations for favorite places in Mexico

Traveling to Mexico from us, recommendations for favorite places in Mexico! Traveling abroad is a dream for many people. Mexico is one of the most exciting cities in South America to visit. In addition to many popular tourist attractions, the culture there is also very thick.

So, you can enjoy the tour while learning about the culture. Exciting, isn't it? Well, here are some recommended places to visit if you are traveling to Mexico! Listen to the end, OK!


Mexico used to be a place occupied by the Aztecs. Therefore, there are many cultural relics of the tribe which are now tourist attractions. One of them is Zocalo. This place is a super large square relic of the Aztecs. Because of its size, the Zocalo is dubbed the largest square in the world.

You will be treated to a cultural view in the square against the backdrop of the magnificent palace of the Aztecs. There, Aztec dances and other rituals will be performed. Perfect for a cultural tour!

Galapagos Island

Traveling to Mexico from us American Airlines recommends places not to be missed when visiting Mexico. Is the popular Galapagos archipelago, is a group of islands in the city. You will be treated to a stunning panorama and spoil the eye.

Lovers of rare animals will definitely feel at home. The reason is, there are rare animals such as sea chameleons, giant turtles, to sea lions. Spending time on this island with loved ones will be a memorable quality time.

Cancun Beach

Traveling to Mexico from us, here we go, Cancun Beach! The popularity of this one beach has spread to all corners of the world. Cancun is the most famous beach in Mexico. The blue sea is ready to welcome you with all its beauty.

Cancun Beach is perfect for diving because of the stunning underwater scenery. You also won't be hot because the water temperature is only about 20 degrees Celsius. This beach is also famous for its very exotic sunset, you know!

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Ik Kill Cenote Well

Not only the Aztecs but Mexico is also inhabited by the Mayans. One of his lasting relics to this day is the Cenote Ik Kill well. The well which has a depth of 30 meters and a width of 60 meters is a tour that should not be missed. You can swim there without fear of covid because traveling to Mexico from us Covid test has been carried out. The water is sourced directly from fertile soil, so it is very clear and never dry.


This tourist spot is a conservative Mexican-protected forest. You will be treated to a green view that stretches as far as the eye can see. Coupled with luxury resorts and hotels that will become your residence, a vacation to Cuixmala feels perfect. If the time is right, you can see the process of the turtles being released into the vast ocean.

Cathedral Metropolitana

This tourist spot is perfect for traveling to Mexico from us by car! Mexico is a city where the majority of the population is Catholic. Because of that, there are so many famous churches here. One of the most magnificent and popular is the Metropolitana cathedral which is a legacy of the Aztecs. This church is still a place of worship but has also been opened as a tourist destination.

Wanna try for traveling to Mexico from us? After reading the reviews above, you must be very interested in visiting this city, right? Don't hesitate, pack your suitcases and fly to Mexico!

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