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Viral !!! Turning $0.01 Into Home in 1 Week: Days 7-28

i got a House
Viral !!! Turning $0.01 Into Home in 1 Week

This is a penny and i'm turning it into this house in one week. Goodness sorry, okay, it'll, definitely be a different house. Six days ago i had a penny and traded it for this pen. Then this, then this this this this this this yada yada. Now we have a tiny house and a lead to a real house.

If we're able to trade for a boat, i got ta get you a boat, give me a boat, and i know a guy who wants to trade his boat gerald. 

So i gave him a call, i'm unable to take your call right now. Please leave a very detailed video and i will get back with you as soon as possible when i needed him most. My greatest ally had ghosted me, i'm feeling sick to my stomach, because we only have about 14 hours left to trade up to a house. The definition of a house by the way is a human habitation, especially one that is lived in by a family or small group of people, so our tiny home does not qualify and to make matters worse.

I bought this 24-hour countdown clock thinking. It would help me feel more excited, but i really just feel awful um, so i can't just sit around i've got to try to trade. This thing the tiny house didn't fit in my pocket, so i had to print pictures of it to show potential trade partners. My first stop was our buddy gerald's. Since he wasn't responding to me, i thought he might have sold the boat and i went undercover to check the boat was still there why'd you do it gerald why'd, you do it.

I didn't want to bother gerald anymore. So i decided to bother homeowners. The only problem is that not a single person would answer their door, except for one nice, woman, hi, i'm uh, i'm trying to trade from a penny to a house. I'M wondering if you guys have anything you want to trade or thank you. Oh no worries.

Thanks have a great day. I feel like a weirdo right now we're running out of time. I don't know what to do. I'M desperate, but i wasn't going to give up that easily, so i went back online. I have messaged 2 000 people about this tiny house.

Everyone seems to be confused because i don't actually i'm not actually at the house right now. I don't have access to it because it's three hours away all that to say i'm running out of time and we have no leads. So i went to the one place with tons of leads on houses, a realty company. I was greeted by a man named rory who had absolutely no idea what i was trying to ask him guys you built that uh. No, this guy named fonzie, built it, but i traded him a 1997 suburban for it.

Okay, okay, our realtor meeting, ended in confusion. This is when i got desperate trying to trade a tiny house. This is a photo of it. Okay, my drive-through strategy failed immediately and i only have four hours remaining after a trip to the park with no luck, i'm out of ideas out of confidence and out of time all i could do was eat my favorite barbecue ribs really thought we could do this To be honest, i was gone. One week is up in a few minutes, and all i have to show for it is poster boards of a tiny house.

I can't even get into as our countdown clock neared zero. I took a walk past the house. I initially wanted to trade, for i wasn't even close [ Music ], so my wife haley just told me to check my email and there's a bunch of video files in it. So i don't know: what's happening, hey ryan, jeff smith, smallest house in the world haley got every single person. I met this year through my videos to send me an encouraging message, saying they're looking for trades and asking me not to give up.

We are looking for some houses and found absolutely nothing. So just you to know brian that i'm here for you and i think that's impossible about it, so keep trying this was the sweetest gesture anyone's ever done. For me, hello, ryan, just to let you know that we are searching for the house just in case we have a diver searching under water for and if there's anything these new friends of mine have taught me this past year. It'S that, if you get knocked down you got ta get back up. I might have failed my goal of turning a penny into a house in one week, but the end is near we're gon na get that house for hannah and the world is gon na see that nothing is impossible.

It was a wig. It was the wig that i was shaving. I'Ve always wanted to do one of those moments where i shaved my head, but i'm pretty sure my wife would leave me if i did that. Let'S go get that house, i made no progress for 10 days. After that statement, however, on day 17, something crazy happened, i was invited to be on my city's local news station about my mission.

Ryan treyan is a youtuber based right here in austin known best for his penny challenge. His most recent episode over 5 million hits so yeah we're trying to turn a penny into a house in one week. How many days in um 17 

Gotcha: okay, yeah! That'S when ryan asked our filming crew to subscribe to his youtube channel for a unique reason: hey austin! If you're watching this uh be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel, because i'm trying to get dr phil to adopt me as his legal grandson ryan at 5.

 million subscribers and dr phil right at 6 million. Oh my gosh, are you guys interviewing hannah as well? If you've kept up with the series, you know that if i successfully traded up to a house, i would give it to a lucky subscriber and that's hannah. A few days later douglas got an email back and then put me in touch with a man named mark who sells land for a living and wants to trade. His smallest lot for our tiny house, we're about to facetime our friend mark and maybe get some land.

Hey mark hello, hello, how you doing i'm good ryan! How are you man good good? We spoke for another 10 minutes, but ultimately yeah man we'll get her done. Man we'll keep the uh, keep the flips moving forward. Okay, i'm hoping you guys, you know, are able to hit your goal that man is a land mogul.

We signed a digital contract and then i listed the land online without even seeing it. The next morning i drove three hours to step foot on my new property. I really feel like we could trade for a house with this land and after six more days of a dozen people, emailing homeowners across america, with no luck and posting our land. On almost every website known to man, we finally got an email back from someone named justin, he's an investor and loves our mission, and the house is beautiful and on day 27 i found myself in a small town somewhere in texas, ready to make a deal. Howdy, hey how's, it going good justin.

Yes, sir, all right. Yes, sir nice, to meet you yeah same here, i got inside and signed some documents. That say, i own the house now and i felt on top of the world and after making it official justin did want to tell me something about the house. He said i bought a side of the scene and yeah needed more work than we care to do to it. Like my crew had to be up, there probably be on it for like 10 days for sure, when i shook justin's manly hand, the universe felt like it was accelerating.

I felt the energy of every person i traded with flow through my veins every single day for the last month, the next trade up felt absolutely impossible day after day night after night, it somehow all came together and now somewhere out in the world, there's a penny That has achieved the impossible thanks justin. I don't think it's really hit me that we just traded for a house, probably because the house is seven hours away. So it's time to hit the airport and fly to this penny house, but before i could do that, i had to make one last stop hannah's apartment if you're just now tuning in i have some explaining to do. Hannah owns a small business and she thought it was getting supercharged by her sponsor shopify. However, i essentially trapped her in this airbnb for a week to keep her from finding out about my mission to get her a house.

It was time to tell hannah that i had been fooling her all along hannah. You don't know this, but for the past month i've been trying to trade from a penny to a house for you guys and all that shopify stuff was not real yeah. We know yeah, we watched the videos bro, you watched the videos yeah my friend sent me it. I was dumbstruck, my plan had failed and now they know that i was trying to get them a house. They just don't know if i actually pulled it off.

I couldn't believe my ears, hannah's husband case, also works from home and is so proud of her like she went and went shopping and bought herself, something like uh for the outfit. You know the other day with money that she made from hannah lissaco. That'S the name of her store where she sells cute cups and handmade earrings at this point, i'm at the risk of dying because i'm so excited to tell them about the house. We got yeah. I love going about my day and just hearing the little touching noise from my phone.

It'S cute, i think hannah and i can both agree that you can do some amazing things in a short period of time. Before i tell hannah and case the good news. Shopify has made this entire series possible if you want to start chasing your dream and start your business like hannah sign up at shopify.com, ryan, trahan and drop your store link in the comments. They'Ve been waiting long enough, it's time to tell hannah and case that we got them a house.

We were trying to turn a pity into a house in one week and failed. Then we tried to turn a penny into a house in one month and we did it. You guys have any reactions. I showed them the house that we traded for a penny that i'm visiting tonight and told them how it's not really livable yet. But what they don't know is that i talked with shopify and they wanted to get hannah and case a move-in ready house here in austin, which means i can do something even cooler with our penny house anyways.

It'S time to surprise them and we have to leave what we have to leave. I'M not gon na lie. I was freaking out on our way to the house as we walked up to their new home. I couldn't help but feel like i was oprah or something three, two one. Oh, oh, my god.

I probably picked the most hgtv song possible for this moment, but dang it. It'S the perfect song. Alright hannah and case explored their new home and hannah was breaking in her new office. You go hannah, they finished their tour, then we celebrated with milkshakes and just like that i was at the airport exhausted, but our work isn't finished yet. The next morning i found myself a block away from our penny house and when i stepped foot in the front yard and opened my eyes, i speechless.

That'S that's the word to describe what i felt and now i'm going to give you a full house tour starting with the front porch, so not to get too corny or anything, and i probably am gon na put a dramatic song in the background. Goodness, one year ago i took this selfie. I don't really look too different, but i took this picture because i vividly remember, i was like this is the lowest i've ever been, and i should document this. I just had a tough year. You know i mean pretty much, everyone did i felt so tired and unhappy.

I had no idea how i was going to keep going in general. I didn't see myself as a creative person or hard-working or smart or attractive. I'M looking rough in that photo. Let'S be honest, i had no idea what would come out of this last year, but man, god has been so good to me. I started meeting so many amazing people in the most absurd places and they become my friends and help me grow as a person life.

Just started turning around and this music is dramatic, but this is an emotional moment for me. Also, this pinning to a house thing has absolutely wrecked me in a good way: ashley douglas rex, judy gerald, even though he ghosted me, everyone, i've met is responsible for this. This house, that cost a penny and probably more with renovations, but i was talking to douglas off camera last week and we were chatting about life stuff and he said something that blew my mind. Our dreams are like pennies they're, pretty worthless. On the surface.

Probably dusty, probably ugly and most people throw them away or tuck them in their back pocket or drop them in the street, and every day you could probably walk outside and find dozens of dirty abandoned pennies. So we have to be the ones who can see their potential pick them up dust them off and take them as far as we can, i'm donating this house to charity and they're here. So as i donated the house and some money for renovations, i shook the hands of our friends at the local homeless. Shelter way too many times way too many. I feel so bad about this and i couldn't help but think of douglas's words.

One last time. I think that's impossible about it, so keep trying

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